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Do you believe in the paranormal? Have you ever encountered something that you couldn't explain? Whether you believe in ghosts or not many of us still seem susceptible to a spooky environment. This is most evident when we encounter something very old such as an old building. The more history a place or object has the greater chance you'll experince a ghostly presence. Many of our traditional local English pubs have been the heart of their surrounding, local community a very long time, some as old as the 10th century so it makes sense that a few of them have gained a few extra spirits over all those years. Imagine all the different people to have lived and died within its rooms over all those years. All the real life dramas to have taken place in the pub amongst the local community. Crimes of passion, tragic accident, murders, the perfect beginnings for a haunting or two. Here is PUB-FEEDS top 5 most haunted


The village of Pluckley is said to be the most haunted village in England, Boasting a whole bunch of ghostly going ons throughout the entire village. Some of these ghostly sightings appear like clockwork and so regallary village has become a popular destination for ghost hunters from all over the globe. The local pub 'The Black Horse' is well known for some rather mischivious poltergeist activity, that requires the staff to warn guests about their resident ghost borrowing the their personal items. Thankfully these items never stay missing for long and the paranormal activity in the pub has never put anyone in danger.



Founded in 1106, the Ostrich Inn is said to be one of the oldest pubs in England. With a pub being as old as this one its easy to imagene their being many people living dying and being born within its many rooms. But it may come as a surprise that back in the 14th murders committed by the Landlord and his wife Mr and Mrs Jarman in the fourteenth century. Their victims haunt the building to this day. Their rather elaborate murderous collaboration is said to have inspired the swing todd story. Unsuspecting travellers were lured to a booby trapped bed to sleep off all their ale drinking. The Jarmans would pull a lever, which would drop the poor wretch through a trap door and into a cauldron of boiling water, Mr and mrs Jarman would gather together all their valuables before disposing of his body in a nearby brook and selling their belongings to local gypsies.


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Built in the 1500’s as a toll gate, with the narrow road and toll house still standing opposite the pub. The pub gained notoriety in Bram Stoker's “Dracula” and in Charles Dickens's “The Pickwick Papers. The pubs popularity in inspiring creative writers could be down to the tragic love story that unfolded within its four walls. The building was transformed into an inn by two Spaniards, Francesco and Juan Porero went from close friends to the greatest of enemy after that fought a duel over the love of a woman. As a result, Juan was killed and buried in the garden. His ghost is said to haunt the inn.


There are two distinct variations of wassailing. One involves groups of merrymakers going from one house to another, wassail bowl in hand, singing traditional songs and generally spreading fun and good wishes. The other form of wassailing is generally practiced in the countryside, particularly in fruit growing regions, where it is the trees that are blessed.

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The 500 year old Golden Fleece pub is one of Yorks oldest pubs. Evidence of its existence can be found in the York archives dating back to 1505. Due to the high volume of people experiencing paranormal activity the pub has become a favorite destination for ghost hunters and paranormal investigators due to the high volume of people experiencing paranormal activity. over the year guests and staff have identified 15 different ghosts in resident, all with their own distinct behaviours, some referencing their tragic tale of how they came to be. All these sightings have raised the pubs profit in the media The pub is often in the media with stories of unexplained sightings. The pub also featured on a series 6, episode of Most Haunted. What makes this haunted pub special is the amount of recored paranormal sightings by customers and guests, some of which captured on tape and film.

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